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Paperless Drawing Review - Accessibility and Building Code Consulting Services

Accessibility and Building Code Consulting


The Safranek Group provides a variety of services for projects of any size. They range from general consulting to comprehensive reviews of projects. Beyond just identifying specific building code and accessibility requirements, we strive to also solve problems with effective, practical solutions, by capitalizing on our architectural and construction experience. These endeavors and all our services focus on providing real value to our clients, from capturing more buildable floor area to averting a change order.

To strengthen our collaboration with clients and to address their specific needs, we constantly seek ways to improve and innovate the process of communication. This includes utilizing the following methods:

  • Paperless drawing reviews;  the expense of printing and shipping drawings for reviews is eliminated by using optimized computer software and computer equipment. Direct and timely collaboration is enhanced.
  • Flexible report formats including marked up PDF drawings; rather than a one size fits all approach, reports and their corresponding fees can be custom tailored to reflect the amount of information desired by a client. This includes opportunities to forgo written reports altogether and utilize marked up PDF drawings or to eliminate information from report spreadsheets.
  • Paperless construction observation reviews;  the time and expense of accessibility reviews, on site during the construction phase are greatly reduced by using RediReport™ customized electronic forms that can be emailed directly from the field. Use of simple, text and graphics on the forms, aids its users in quickly assessing compliance with accessibility requirements.

Please refer to the individual pages on our website (accessibility consulting, building code consulting), for the specific services associated with Accessibility Compliance and Building Code Compliance.