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2015 Washington State Building Code – Deadline approaches

The 2015 Washington State Building Code (WSBC) will take effect on July 1st, 2016. The rulemaking for the Washington State adoption, of the 2015 editions of International Building Code (IBC) and other codes, with state amendments has been completed. The adoption and amendments to the building code can be found here. The adoption and amendments to […]

Accessible Parking for Apartments-A Big Difference with FHA

When determining the minimum number of required accessible parking spaces for a new apartment or condominium project, the Building Code and Fair Housing Act (FHA) requirements can vary. Recognizing the differences in their requirements is important. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Accessible Parking When attempting to comply with the Fair Housing Act, the first […]

2013 California Building Code – Amendments Deadline Approaches

The amendments to the 2013 California Building Code, known as the “2013 Intervening Code Adoption Cycle Supplement” will be in effect on July 1, 2015. The supplement can be found here on the California Building Standards Commission website. A free PDF of the 2013 California Building Code can be found here. The supplement contains a number of notable […]

Free PDFs – International Building Code, ADA, and More!

Clients often ask if there are free copies of the International Building Code (IBC) or other free building code/accessibility resources on the internet. The answer is yes, there are…but you have to know where to look. Where are they available? A significant source of free building codes and accessibility resources is the non-profit corporation of Public.Resource.org and […]

Apartments and ADA; Where is ADA Applicable?

The location and applicability of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  requirements for new apartment projects (commonly called multi-family residential) is one of the most common questions I routinely answer. It is also a common source of misunderstanding among many individuals. Recently, as an attendee to a seminar on accessibility requirements, I watched as a […]